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Window Treatment FAQs

Although our team here at Idaho Blinds & Shutters is happy to answer any questions that you may have, we also want to be able to provide you with the tools to get answers quickly. Browse our list of FAQs here, and if you still don't see what you need, feel free to contact us.

What window treatments work well with an oversized window?

At one time, the only option for covering windows of any magnitude was vertical blinds, or curtains. However, there are now more options such as vertical honeycomb shades and track panels.

What can be done with a bay window in a kitchen?

Pleated shades are popular choices for bay windows, especially located in a kitchen. However, some people prefer faux wood blinds. Make it a point to go with faux wood, or other synthetic materials. Humidity from the kitchen can destroy wood or fabric fibers.

How do I decide on a color for window treatments?

There is no absolute rule about color, since your interior design is ultimately your choice. That being said, it is best to avoid going too matchy, too clashy or too trendy. Use subtle hues if you want your window coverings to be in the background. Use bold colors or prints if you want your window dressing to steal the show.

What window treatment works best for privacy?

Shutters are unsurpassed when it comes to both privacy and light control. The reason for this is the rail, stile and rod system. You can adjust yours to be open a little or a lot, or completely opened or closed. You can also tilt the slats so that you can see out, but no one can see in. Shutters also provide you the option to open your shutters during the day for an unobstructed view of the great outdoors.

Looking for window treatments that also offer insulation – what works?

Savvy homeowners realize the value of selecting window coverings that also help to better insulate against heat loss. This makes your windows more energy-efficient, saving you money on heating and cooling bills each month. Honeycomb shades, also called cellular shades, are our best bet. The air pockets actually act as insulation. Other options are shutters and heavy drapery.

What is the difference between roller shades and honeycomb shades?

Both roller shades and honeycombs, also commonly called cellular shades, offer light filtering capabilities. What that means is that you can allow soft, diffused light into the room, while still avoiding direct sunlight and maintaining your privacy. However, the designs are different because honeycomb shades have air pockets that help offer an additional layer of insulation, and that helps prevent heat loss.

Are shutters an appropriate window treatment for homes with pets and kids?

As far as window treatments go, shutters are usually an ideal match for a home with kids and pets. For one thing, they are durable so they can withstand the additional wear and tear. More importantly, they lack a pull cord which can be a safety concern. If you are planning on going for something like shades or blinds that have a cord for operational purposes, consider motorization and do away with the threat of the cord.

What is the easiest way to clean window blinds?

Depending on the material, a general care tip is to use a damp cloth and simply wipe them clean. If it has been a while, you may even want to give them a good once over with a vacuum attachment. For wood, make sure you only use the appropriate cleaning agents, or you could end up damaging the wood.

Are motorized window blinds appropriate for larger windows?

While the cost goes up a bit as you price motorization options for larger windows, motorization is certainly an option. Make it a point to work with companies that are able to offer you a couple of different alternatives for larger windows, before you make your choice. Otherwise, you will end up settling for less than you want.

How do you find a good window treatment company in the area?

Ask people you know and trust for referrals. Make it a point to meet with more than one or two potential companies to get quotes. Keep in mind that the idea is not to get the cheapest price, it's about finding good value. That means quality products and installation, for a reasonable price. We offer custom window treatments, superior installation and all for an affordable price. It starts by giving us a call to get your free estimate.

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