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Our Treasure Valley Faux Wood Blinds Are An Inexpensive Choice To Real Wood Blinds

Faux Wood BlindsPart of the job of finishing the look of your home's interior is picking the perfect window treatments. For many homeowners that means window blinds, especially faux wood. Their true name, faux bois, means imitation wood. You get the look of real wood without the price and upkeep genuine wood requires.

Yet, in order to make any sort of decision about your blinds, it means having pros to partner with, in order to understand your options. Our job here at Idaho Blinds & Shutters is to deliver nothing short of total satisfaction, which we can only do by listening to the needs of our clients and making sure that is what you get.

Treasure Valley Faux Wood Blind Experts

Obviously, by opting for faux wood blinds, you can stretch your window dressing budget farther. But there are more reasons than that to do make this choice:

Real wood is not resistant to moisture, but the synthetic alternative is. That means you can use these blinds in places you would normally avoid using real wood, such as the bathroom.

They are just as attractive as the real thing, and available in plenty of varieties and colors. The only thing you really miss out on is the unique individuality of wood grain only the real thing can offer.

These blinds are easy to take care of and clean, and require less maintenance than traditional wood blinds. While window blinds are generally fairly easy to maintain, wood blinds do require more care, in order to keep the wood in pristine condition.

Some home or business owners also feel better going with imitation because it means not depleting natural resources.

Best Faux Wood Blinds in Idaho

What matters most is that you are able to still get quality; opting for faux wood should not mean sacrificing virtue. We work with both residential and commercial clients, providing the finest in custom window treatments. No matter what your reason for going faux, make sure you still get topnotch quality.

If you are looking for Faux Wood Blinds in the Treasure Valley Area then please call 208-999-2617 or complete our online request form.