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Hire Us For Our Popular Treasure Valley Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb ShadesSince 2011, cellular shades have qualified for a US energy tax credit. So, although these honeycomb shades are not new, they continue to increase in popularity. Aside from their energy-efficiency, this style of window treatment is revered for its subtle, soft and unique look.

Of course, we know all of this here at Window Shade Company because we have worked in this industry for so long now. After 11 successful years running our previous company in another state, we are now thrilled to be here, serving the Treasure Valley. We offer the best in professional installation, and it all starts with our free estimate – the perfect opportunity to answer any questions that you may have about honeycombs, or any style of window covering.

Treasure Valley Honeycomb Shade Experts

What sets honeycomb shades apart from other options you have for window treatments?

As the name would imply, this type of shade has a profile that resembles a honeycomb. These air pocket formations are what helps reduce heat loss, making your windows more energy-efficient. Improved energy-efficiency means lower utility bills and a more Eco-friendly household.

Many people prefer them for their light filtering abilities. These shades let through diffused light. That means, even when closed, you will have light filtering in.

Even though you will still have some light, these shades will drastically reduce the amount of direct light you get. That results in less damage from UV lights for your flooring and furnishings.

You have cordless options, ideal for homes with children and pets. Avoid injury or tragedy from safety issues that can be linked to having a cord system to open and close your cellular shades.

Best Honeycomb Shades in Idaho

Quality should always matter when it comes to your home or business, right down to the window treatments you select. If you are considering honeycomb shades, you owe it to yourself to call on us and find out more. Let us help you better understand the advantages you can expect, as well as answer any questions that you may have.

If you are looking for Honeycomb Shades in the Treasure Valley Area then please call 208-999-2617 or complete our online request form.