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Keep Out Direct Sunlight With Our Treasure Valley Roller / Solar Shades

Roller / Solar ShadesRoller shades and solar shades may not be the same thing, but the purpose they serve is essentially similar – keep out direct sunlight. No one knows this better than Idaho Blinds & Shutters. Educating our clients on the similarities and differences between these window treatments is what we do, that and provide expert installation.

The types of materials used will vary, as well, and this can help with the decision making, on your part. Our job is to ensure that you are aware of the options you have, the benefits of each, and then make a choice you will feel confident about. The right window coverings are meant to be as useful as they are beautiful, so let us help you choose wisely.

Treasure Valley Roller / Solar Shade Experts

What do they do and how does it help?

Both roller shades and solar shades have one main function – reduce the amount of light and glare that makes its way through your windows. They may be used alone or pair nicely with drapery, because of their low profile.

This also helps keep out UV rays, which can cause serious damage to your flooring, furnishings and more.

You can make your interior more energy-efficient this way. That means lower heating and cooling bills. Which saves your household or company a good deal of money. Plus, less of a carbon footprint means you are being more environmentally responsible.

Best Roller / Solar Shades in Idaho

To get started, all you have to do is contact us. We are ready, willing and more than qualified to provide you with the information that you need, as well as offer expert installation to complete the job.

It begins with the free estimate, an opportunity to provide you with the information you need to understand the difference between roller shades and solar shades. The only way our Window Shade Company can secure total customer satisfaction is to ensure that you get exactly what you wanted, for your window treatments.

If you are looking for Roller / Solar Shades in the Treasure Valley Area then please call 208-999-2617 or complete our online request form.