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Buy Our Vertical Honeycomb Shades To Get The latest Innovative Option For Your Treasure Valley Home

As a leading window treatment company that has been serving residential and commercial clients for over a decade now, locally and in our previous location, Idaho Blinds & Shutters is well-versed in the industry. That means we continue to strive to bring the latest in innovative options, such as vertical honeycomb shades. While not new, the surge in popularity is increasing, and plenty of window treatment companies still don't offer these. It is relatively easy to comprehend how these cellular shades work, they simply fold up in a similar fashion to an accordion. This is quickly replacing the vertical blinds as the only option for larger window coverings, like sliding glass doors.

Treasure Valley Vertical Honeycomb Shade Experts

Like traditional horizontal honeycomb shades, vertical cellular shades have plenty to offer, such as:

Above all else, the reason so many home and business owners like honeycombs is enhanced energy-efficiency. The design of the shade results in air pockets that act as insulation for the window. By preventing heat loss, you will have lower operational costs and be more environmentally responsible. This can make a dramatic difference when covering larger surface areas, like sliding glass doors.

This is also an attractive look for your windows. The solid fabric design provides a soft and subtle appearance that works well as background without stealing the show and becoming a focal point.

Continue to let in filtered light, preventing the dark, cave atmosphere that occurs with other styles of window dressings. However, if black out is the style you want, there are options available for that setting, too.

Best Vertical Honeycomb Shades in Idaho

Our Window Shade Company has been able to build the solid reputation that we have by simply doing what we do best – offering the finest in customer care. Let us review your options with you, including honeycomb shades. Once you are able to make an informed choice for your unique situation, then we will provide expert installation, as well.

If you are looking for Vertical Honeycomb Shades in the Treasure Valley Area then please call 208-999-2617 or complete our online request form.