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Outstanding Treasure Valley Window Shutter Services

Shutters are a unique style of window treatment. This covering is comprised of a frame of vertical stiles paired with horizontal rails. This system enables the user to have optimal control of the amount of light and privacy they have.

Originally installed on the exterior of the window in order to protect the investment of glass windows, shutters are not more commonly located inside the home. Exterior shutters are now often more cosmetic than utilitarian. Our job is simply to help you understand the options that you have, and then take care of expert installation for you.

Polycore Shutters

Window Shutter ServicesPolycore shutters are popular for their durability, affordability and their good looks. This synthetic material is resistant to both fire and moisture. Plus, you will appreciate the fact that it acts as a solid additional layer of insulation, helping to make your household more energy-efficient.

You still get to make important choices about details like color, and we can assure you that you will be beyond satisfied with the performance of your shutters. We only offer the finest in materials we use, as well as labor we invest into the installation process. One thing is for certain, and that is how happy you will be with the final outcome of your polycore window treatments.

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Plantation Shutters

Window Shutter ServicesAs expected, plantation shutters derive their name from their initial use – on plantation homes in the old South. The louvers used on this style of window covering is wider than traditional shutters. Repopularized in the 50's, because of this they are sometimes also referred to as California shutters.

They were also traditionally white and the color and size pertinent in helping to keep homes cooler, so now colors beyond just white can be used. Larger slats still means fewer slats per shutter. And the bottom line is that whatever you choose, you are going to love the final outcome.

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If you are looking for Window Shutter Services in the Treasure Valley Area then please call 208-999-2617 or complete our online request form.